Blending essential oils and herbs with passion and love brings you products that nourish your skin and invigorate your senses. Discover the healing power of nature through our hand-crafted products.

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Our soap is made of plant-based oils and butters that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It includes natural ingredients like salts, clays, botanical extracts and essential oils, all providing unique health-promoting benefits. Most importantly, it is created with love, passion and care.


Our soy candles are made from a vegetable-based wax that does not release any toxins into the air which makes it a safe and natural alternative to petroleum-based paraffin candles. Natural oils and fragrances create a soothing smell and provide therapeutic benefits of the essential oils themselves.

Bath & beauty

Aromatherapy bathing salts combine the benefits of the essential oils with the healing properties of the mineral salt. Our bath products are not only improving your skin radiance, tone and texture but also promoting rest and relaxation.


We want to inspire and share love with our unique creations. Everything is handmade in Wellesley, MA.


Most commercial beauty and body care products contain a lot of parabens/synthetic preservatives to prolong products' shell-life. These additives cause chemical build-up in the body, which may inevitably lead to health problems, including allergic reactions. At the same time, commercial interests lead most manufacturers to search for new sources of cheap mass-produced ingredients: artificial colors, chemicals, fillers that can contribute to skin irritation and redness, and breakouts.

Our handmade products are made in small batches and have a shelf-life of months, not years. Why? Because we value the benefits of natural and organic ingredients and avoid adding fillers and synthetic preservatives. Our vision is to enhance the healing properties of herbs, clays and essential oils, helping to recharge and restore balance and beauty. The products we produce can be made to order and ingredients can be suggested and customized based on your skin type and individual preferences.

We want to share our passion of creating natural and authentic products and support your lifestyle with gifts of nature.

Finist soaps look beautiful, smell amazing and work wonderfully well. I have tried several of their soaps and appreciate the natural ingredients and the creative combinations.

- Caronne, MA

All products are wonderful and delightfully scented. You can't go wrong no matter which product you choose.

- Sara, NH



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